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Australian Commercial Law

At Perry Legal we have a wide ranging, in-depth knowledge of all areas of Australian commercial law. Areas which our expertise extends to include:

Buying or Selling a Business

We can assist you in all matters pertaining to your purchase or sale of a business, including risk management, taxation and licensing laws, contractual agreements and matters relating to the lease of your business premises. For further information on buying and selling a business see Buying and Selling A Business

Partnership and Shareholder Agreements

Our expert team will assist you in the drawing up and finalisation of any partnership or shareholder agreements, ensuring that all essential matters are covered and that all parties are legally protected in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We can provide expert advice and assistance on any queries relating to bankruptcy or insolvency issues that you may have. Whether you are a creditor wishing to bring about insolvency proceedings against another party or a debtor facing insolvency charges, the benefit of our knowledge and experience will ensure the best outcome for your specific situation. For more information see Corporation Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy.

Contract Law

We assist you by drawing up clear, exacting contracts to suit your specific needs. We have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of contract law, so you can be confident that your contracts meet industry standards for best practice. For more information see Commercial Contracts.

See here for advice on Commercial Contract Law in NSW.

Our expertise in the area of Australian Commercial Law are by no means limited to the fields mentioned above. Whatever your commercial law enquiry might be, ease your mind and find a quick solution by consulting one of our expert team today. Call Perry Legal on 02 4940 4602 or email with your enquiry.