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In legal terms, Intellectual Property refers to any original entity that is created by a party by applying their imagination or intellect. Inventions, artistic endeavors such as novels, songs and photographs, as well as business names and logos are all classified as intellectual property. It is worth noting that IP refers to the expression of an idea and not the idea itself.

Your rights to your IP are governed and protected by a number of national and international laws. For any business or individual hoping to use their IP for financial gain, it is extremely important that it is fully and correctly protected. This not only ensures that your competition are not able to steal your ideas or misuse your brand, but it also adds to the value of your company should you wish to sell it one day.

While you automatically own the rights to some IP, there are other types, especially those related to business, which you must register to ensure complete protection.

Perry Legal have an extensive knowledge of IP laws, and will help you take the right steps to protect all your ideas, inventions or business identity.

A brief guide to the different types of protection your IP may require is below:


You require a patent for any invention, substance or device that is both original and of use. Obtaining the patent allows you the rights to its commercial use for the duration of the patent. Applying for a patent can be a complex procedure and we are happy to assist you to make sure that you obtain the correct patent for your product.


A Trademark is any element of your product that relates to its commercial ‘persona’. This could include a phrase or word, a logo or design, even a smell. Owning a trademark gives you the exclusive rights to use it to promote and distinguish your company or product. We will happily advise you on all areas of trademark law, from applying for and renewing a trademark, to opposing a rival company’s trademark.


Copyrights are automatically given to the creator of a work of art, music or literature. Under the Copyright Act 1968 you have exclusive rights to any sale of use of your work, and are entitled to pursue legal action if you feel that your work has been used without your permission. Copyrights vary slightly depending on the type of work. Perry Legal have an in depth knowledge of Copyright Law and can assist you should you have any queries regarding the rights to your work.

Perry Legal’s experience and expertise will help you ensure that all your IP is correctly and comprehensively protected. Call us today on 02 4940 4602 to discuss your IP requirements, or email