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Family Law Solicitors in Newcastle NSW

Family Businesses

The nature of family-run companies means that they often don’t go through the same legal processes as other businesses. Many aspects which would be formalised in a conventional business are overlooked due to the implicit trust between the owners. However, in the event of a separation or falling out between the principal owners this can cause problems.

At Perry Legal our family law solicitors have a great deal of experience in both Family and Business Law, and are ideally placed to help resolve difficult situations within a family business when they arise. We have helped several family businesses through the process of dividing up their company, and can advise best practice at every stage of the procedure.

Services that family businesses might benefit from include:

  1. Dispute resolution procedures
  2. Contingency planning
  3. Retirement and pension arrangements
  4. Exit agreements

Information for Parents/Spouses

The breakdown of a relationship can be a stressful and difficult time. At Perry Legal our family law solicitors take the time to listen and understand your needs and provide relevant advice in terms you can understand. Whether your matter concerns children, property or both, we can assist by:

  1. Providing relevant, up to date information;
  2. Taking the time to listen to your needs and advise accordingly;
  3. Arranging mediation where appropriate;
  4. Negotiating directly with other parties to seek a suitable outcome;
  5. Preparing matters for court and being in attendance for each court occasion;
  6. Keeping you up to date with all information relevant to your case.

Information for Grandparents

The Family Law Act recognises the vital role Grandparents play in a child’s life. In accordance with this, it states that that the Grandparents of a child have the right to institute Parenting Order proceedings in relation to their grandchildren, where they feel that the best interests of the child are not being seen to.

At Perry Legal we understand that this can be a difficult process, and will assist you by providing everything you need to know about the Family Law Act and how it relates to your specific circumstances. Whether you currently have an ongoing relationship with your grandchild or would like to establish one, we will do everything we can to help you achieve your objectives.