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Medical Finance

Are you considering elective surgery, dental procedures or other medical procedures, but you’re not sure how to pay for them? Medical expenses can be unexpected and costs mount quickly. For many families, medical procedure financing can be the answer. We can help.

People use a variety of methods of financing for medical procedures:

  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • In-office financing
  • Dipping into savings

Shop Around for Medical Procedure Financing

All these methods have advantages and disadvantages. A lot depends on the interest rates you are able to obtain. Many people just go for whichever method is most convenient, without considering the costs. But the interest rate you pay and the associated costs can vary greatly, and it is a good idea to shop carefully for your medical procedure financing. We have access to lenders that finance niche markets in Cosmetic and non-essential procedures.

A personal loan for medical expenses is an unsecured loan with an easy application process. Loan providers will make a quick decision based on your credit and income. There are many benefits to going this route. For most people, it is an easy solution, but it may not always be the best.

Get the Best Advice Before Committing to a Medical Financing Loan

If you are a patient considering your options for medical procedure financing, give Deb McDonald-Cocks a call. She is a Medical Finance Special for both consumers and medical professionals. She knows all the ins and outs of medical financing, and she can help you get the best rates and terms on your medical loan.

Are You a Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist, or other Medical Professional Looking for Medical Financing?

Deb has helped many medical professionals find medical equipment financing for their practices and in-office funding to help their patients. As a Medical Finance Specialist for both Residential and Commercial Lending she is the “go to” person for many leading Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists and other Medical Professionals.

Give Deb a call today, she can help you secure the funding you need to stay healthy or to fund your practice. Let’s talk about your needs.

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