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Types of Family Mediation Services Available

At Perry Legal, we can provide different types of family mediation services depending on your circumstances and needs. During the Assessment process, we will work together to determine which type of mediation is best for your situation.

We can offer:

  • Face to face mediation – where both parties and the mediator are together in the room.
  • Telephone mediation – where the parties are both present at the same time on the telephone with the mediator.
  • Shuttle mediations- where each party speaks separately to the mediator either in person or over the telephone and the mediator “shuttles” between the parties.
  • Legally assisted mediations where each party attends with their legal representative.
  • Child Inclusive Process – where parents elect to include the views of the child in the mediation through  Child Consultation (see Mediation process).

We will help you decide which family mediation setting would be best in your circumstances.

Our Mediator Helps You Reach an Agreeable Resolution

Often, participants are reluctant to enter family mediation because they are unsure of the role of a mediator and they fear being forced into a decision that they do not want. This should never happen in family mediation. The mediator’s role is to be impartial and facilitate the negotiations without injecting their own opinions or judgements.

A good mediator does not:

  • Take sides
  • Make decisions
  • Provide counselling
  • Give legal or expert advice as part of the negotiations

The mediator’s role is supportive. Our mediator strives to:

  • Design a mediation session that suits your circumstances
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for negotiations
  • Set guidelines for the mediation process
  • Make sure all parties understand the issues involved and each parties point of view
  • Focus the discussion on resolving the dispute
  • Keep communication open and fair
  • Help you reach a solution that is agreeable to all parties

When is Mediation Unsuitable?

While Family Mediation is a cost effective and mutually beneficial method of resolving a dispute, it is not suitable for all cases.

Mediation may not be suitable when:

  • You do not feel safe communicating with the other person, either in person or on the phone.
  • Either party is not willing to negotiate.
  • One party is forced into mediation by others, against their will.

Part of the Assessment process is to determine that all parties are willing to negotiate in good faith. Perry Legal Family Mediation Services are here to support you and help you reach the best possible outcome.

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