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Newcastle Family Mediation Services Through Perry Legal – Cost and Value

The final cost of your family mediation will depend on your circumstances and the number of sessions that you need. When both parties are willing to negotiate and are determined to reach a settlement, they may be able to reach agreement in one or two sessions. More complex disputes may require multiple sessions and higher fees.

Costs Vs. Value of Mediation

When considering the cost of family mediation services in Newcastle, compare the cost of several family mediation sessions to the real expense of a court trial. Filing fees, court fees and lawyer fees add up quickly. Trials can take months of preparation and discovery, at hourly rates that make mediation fees look very attractive.

Most family mediations end in an agreement, and many thousands of dollars in court fees are saved. In addition the parenting relationships are often improved through the process.

Even if you do not reach a resolution, you come out of mediation with a better understanding of the issues involved and how to approach them. You’ll learn valuable information that can help you win a better resolution in the end.

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