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Benefits of Workplace Mediation & Conflict Management

Mediation is a cost effective, empowering intervention for workplace conflict and disputes. Conflict management and workplace mediation can help avoid the disruption, distraction and disharmony that workplace conflicts can produce. Taking action early before conflicts become entrenched through conflict management techniques, can provide substantial benefits for your business.

Kathy Tetu, our Perry Legal workplace mediator will use her conflict management experience and knowledge to design customized conflict management techniques for your business situation.  Kathy’s experience includes:

  • Workplace mediation for misunderstandings/disputes between employees or with their manager
  • Conflict management techniques for employer/client disputes
  • Workers compensation insurance return to work agreements
  • Coaching to improve communication skills and effectiveness of staff

Conflict Management Techniques and Processes

Conflict management in the workplace begins with an initial assessment, through interviews with the staff involved and their managers or supervisors.

 After assessing the issues, Kathy Tetu, our Perry Legal mediator, will design a process to address the problems. Management will be included in discussions about the process design. Such processes might include:

  • Workplace mediation
  • Conflict or communication coaching for staff
  • Coaching for managers in Conflict Management techniques
  • One on one training in Conflict Management skills

Processes will take account of the specific needs of the clients. Kathy is aware of the stress of conflict in the workplace. She encourages openness and honesty as the first step in unravelling the threads of conflict management in the workplace. Kathy is known for her positive communication with clients. She recognizes that engaging positively with people in conflict assists them to develop positive approaches to dealing with a problem situation.

Kathy helped me to think through the staff problems that had come up and develop some effective approaches to having difficult conversations with certain of my managers and my supervisor.

 Workplace Conflict Management Costs

Businesses and organisations may wish to engage workplace Conflict Management through Perry Legal on the basis of either hourly rates or a quotation for the whole engagement:

Hourly Rates

$330/hr + GST for consultant’s time – either with individuals or for joint mediation


Kathy Tetu, Perry Legal Mediator will be pleased to provide your organization with a quotation for conflict management after discussions with you about your workplace situation.

Meetings with our Mediator may take place at Perry Legal offices or at your business premises, whichever is the most convenient and appropriate for your conflict management situation.

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