Notary Public Service
Notary Public Service

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Kristen Perry is a qualified member of the NSW Registry of Notaries. She provides an efficient, cost-effective notary public service and is available at short notice to assist with whatever overseas documentation needs you may have.

As a NSW notary public officer Kristen deals with any kind of legal documentation that is to be used overseas. This can include the witnessing of official signatures, the authentication of true copies and the preparation of power of attorney for overseas.   

Full Services Include:

  • Certifying the copies of legal documentation
  • Witnessing signatures
  • Authenticating documents for use overseas
  • Supplying law certificates for use overseas
  • Arranging legalisation of documents from embassies
  • Arranging the issue of documents from DFAT
  • Witnessing and preparing power of attorney for overseas
  • Property, land and estate division overseas
  • Witnessing and authenticating business documents for overseas
  • Noting and protesting bills of exchange

A Quick, Cost-Effective Service

Australia is signed up to the Hague Convention, which allows notaries to save their clients time and money, as their signature is recognised by something known as an ‘Apostille’. Essentially this is a stamp that allows your notary to negate the need for much of the paperwork that non-member countries have to complete, meaning your overseas documents can be processed with minimum fuss.

In some cases the notary’s signature and seal do need to be authenticated by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), as well as the Embassy of the country to which it is to be sent. When this is the case Kristen will oversee communications between parties, and help you by explaining exactly what is required in order for the process to be completed as quickly as possible.

To book an appointment with Kristen call Perry Legal on 02 4940 4602 or email with the subject heading ‘Notary Public Service’.