Notary Public Service ยป FAQ for Notarial Services

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Affidavits and Statutory Oaths
Are You a Notary Public Recognized by the United States?
Business Transactions in China
Do I have to book an appointment?
How can I be sure I've got everything I need?
How do I get my documents notarized?
How much of the Notarization, Authentication and Consularisation process can you do for me and how much does it cost?
International Business Transactions
Notarial Certificates and Affidavits as to Identity
Noting a Ships Protest
Parental Consent for Child Travel
Power of Attorney for use Overseas
Proving Your Identity Overseas
What happens after my documents have been notarized?
What is a Notary public and how can they help me?
What is an Apostille?
What is Authentication?
What is the difference between a Notary and a Justice of the Peace?
What is the Hague Apostille Convention?
What is the history of Notaries?
What is the role of DFAT?
Who can issue an Apostille?