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Affidavits and Statutory Oaths

An affidavit is a written, sworn statement of fact made under oath that is used in court proceedings.

Like many other public and official documents, when an affidavit is to be used overseas it needs to be notarised in order for it be legally recognised.

Before bringing your document before a notary, you should check with the overseas authorities if there are any special requirements in the country of use. This could include the wording, structure or signing of the documents. While your notary can help you it is advisable to contact a lawyer in the relevant country to ascertain this information.

It is important to remember that the processes and requirements followed when affidavits and statutory oaths are used in Australia may very well not be the same overseas, so taking the time to check your facts can save valuable time and keep costs to a minimum.

Once everything is in place, your notary will be able to witness all required signatures and ensure the validity of the document overseas.