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Parental Consent for Child Travel

If a child is travelling overseas by themselves, with only one parent or with a single guardian, many countries require that they provide a Parental Consent form in order to enter the country. Being aware of this is extremely important, as while the child is free to leave Australia, they may encounter problems when trying to enter the customs of their destination. The purpose behind this is to stop the practice of child trafficking.

In order to prove that a child’s travel plans are agreed to, a Parental Consent form, signed by the parent or guardian who is not travelling (or both in the case where the child is travelling alone).

You should contact the country to which your child will be travelling to obtain the relevant forms, as they will be different for every country. Typically, they require all essential information about the child including name, passport number etc.

In order that the Parental Consent form is recognized as valid overseas it is necessary for all the necessary signatures to be witnessed by a Notary Public. It may also be that the form must be authenticated and legalized in order for it to be recognized by the destination country as valid. In this case your notary can help you through all the necessary steps.