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How can I be sure I've got everything I need?

Very often the process of verifying documents overseas is held up because the sender has failed to provide all the correct information. This can prove both frustrating and expensive, as you may have to pay two sets of administration fees to get your documents verified again. Therefore it is essential to check that you are providing everything that whatever overseas entity you are sending your documents to requires.

While your notary is happy to help with regards to finding what you may require, clients should be aware that Kristen Perry is only qualified to work within the state of New South Wales, Australia, and cannot guarantee that she will know the exact requirements of the country your documents are being sent to.

In order to be 100% certain that you have followed the correct process, we recommend that you contact the overseas party who will be receiving your documents. They will be able to provide you with a checklist to ensure that you provide everything that is needed first time.