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How do I get my documents notarized?

Once you have made your appointment with your notary, you need to make sure you take actions to make the process of notarizing your documents as quick and easy as possible. Following the stages outlined below will allow you to do this and reduce any stressful delays.

Prior to your appointment

The documents that you bring to us need to be written by a lawyer from the country in which they are to be used. For this reason we are unable to provide templates. While we can, in some cases, write the documents for you, we can’t guarantee their validity and would always recommend you hire a lawyer from the relevant country to write the documents. If necessary, we can assist you in contacting overseas lawyers.

Please print your documents and bring them to your appointment. (Due to our high security IT system, we are unable to print documents from a USB stick). We are not able at this stage to notarize documents electronically.

Fill out as much of the document as you can before your appointment, as you can take your time over important details such as dates and passport numbers. Do not sign the document if you require a witnessed signature. We are legally required to witness the signature again, and double signatures can cause confusion in some countries. If you have already signed a document that needs to be notarized, we recommend you print it again. We will provide you with a Notarial Certificate of the Original which proves the validity of the copy.

What to bring

As well as all the relevant documents, you should bring 100 points of valid ID with you. Be sure to check that any identification used on the documents has not changed: e.g. passport numbers, driving license numbers etc. Note that if a witnessed signature is required, you will have to attend in person. If you need a certified true copy you may send someone on your behalf, but they will need to bring the required 100 points of ID as well.


If your notary needs to check your comprehension of the documents, you will need to provide an accredited English translation, which you will be required to bring to your appointment. You can obtain these from NAATI.

Stamp / Bonded Paper

Some countries will ask for your documents to be printed on stamp or bonded legal paper. Unfortunately this type of paper is not widely available in Australia and we are unable to provide it for you. If it is necessary that your documents are printed on this type of paper then we recommend getting them sent from overseas.

In some cases it may be acceptable to print your documents onto A4 paper in Australia and for the relevant authorities to stamp them once the duty has been paid. It is best to ascertain exactly what is required before making your appointment to avoid wasting time.

Printing and Binding

If you require a true copy certificate, we are able to copy these in our offices for you. There is a charge for this, and in cases where the documents are very long, we recommend going to a print shop to reduce costs. We are able to recommend nearby businesses if required.

Binding a document sometimes makes the processing fees cheaper. We are able to bind your documents for you where required.

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