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How much of the Notarization, Authentication and Consularisation process can you do for me and how much does it cost?

Once your documents have been notarized you are able to conduct all communications with the relevant embassies and consulates yourself. However, if you prefer, we are able to handle every stage of the process for you. A list of the various stages of the process and the fees they incur are outlined below.

Stage 1

The Notary Public sights the original document, for example; University Degree, Marriage Certificate etc. A copy is taken and the notary certifies this as being a true copy.


NB – this may alter when the Notary is required to prepare a legal document, for example, a Power of Attorney. In these cases the fee is higher, usually around $165.

Stage 2

The document is taken to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (DFAT). We will collect this document on your behalf after two working days.

Admin Fee $110
DFAT fee per Authentication Stamp: $20

Stage 3

We send the notarized and authenticated documents to the relevant consulate or embassy on your behalf.

Admin: $66, inc GST.
Postage: $10

NB: Consulates and embassies may charge an additional fee for verifying your documents. It is your responsibility to find out and pay these fees.

Stage 4

Your documents are returned to us and we arrange for them to be forwarded back to you.

Admin: $33 (inc GST)
Courier $110