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International Business Transactions

If you own a business and deal with other, overseas businesses, then it is almost certain that at some point you will require the services of a notary.

Possible services that a notary can provide for your business include:

  • The notarization of company registration certificates and other public documents. These may also need to be recognized by the DFAT, either by the affixation of an Apostille or by authentication. If this is the case your notary will be able to assist you in following the correct procedures, thus ensuring your business transactions go through as smoothly as possible.
  • Verifying the personal identity of any overseas employees or third parties.

Please note that only documents verified by a Notary Public are guaranteed to be recognized by businesses, governments and legal authorities worldwide. Justices of the Peace or Commissioners of Oaths cannot notarize documents, and their services are only recognized within Australia.

Please also note that your notary is not responsible for ensuring the legality of your document within the jurisdiction to which you are sending it. In order to ensure this, you should contact your lawyer or agent in the host country and ask what is required by local law. This will allow the notary to check that everything is correct when preparing and notarizing a document for overseas use.