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Noting a Ships Protest

A ships protest is a statement by the captain of a ship written following an incident at sea in which some damage, loss of cargo or other misadventure occurred. These can include collisions with other vessels, wharves or sea animals, damage due to bad weather, stranding or beaching or engine failure.

The purpose of a ship’s protest is to prove that the captain and his/her crew were not negligent in the build up to the incident and that their behavior did not in any way contribute to the loss or damage.

A Ship’s Protest must be notarized as soon as the vessel comes into port, including a port of refuge or distress.

Kristen Perry, Notary Public is qualified to note any ship’s protest for vessels that come into port at Newcastle, and will do so promptly and at short notice. She is able to provide this service from her own office, or will happily visit the captain on board the ship if required.