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Proving Your Identity Overseas

If you need to prove your identity outside Australia and have changed your name at some point in your life, you will almost certainly be required to prove your identity, especially if you are not able to be there in person.

Reasons your name may be different on your various documentation include:

  • Marriage – from a maiden name to a married name
  • Your name has been translated from one language to another
  • You hold dual or multiple citizenship
  • You use a different name in formal and informal situations
  • The order of your name appears differently on your various documents

If this is the case, and a transaction that you are conducting overseas requires your identity to be verified, you will need a Notarization Certificate to prove that you are one and the same person. This will render the documentation valid in the host country, and will mean that you do not have to travel outside Australia to verify your identity.

It is important that you make sure your certificate is legally recognized in the country of intended use, as some countries have additional or varying requirements. Therefore it is vital that you check the following prior to your appointment with your notary:

  • The structure, form and format of the documents
  • How the documents are to be signed and whether finger/thumb prints are required
  • The language in which the host country requires the Notarial Certificate to be written in. This is especially important in countries which have more than one official language.
  • The legal requirements following the creation of the Notarization Certificate, e.g: whether the affixation of an Apostille or authentication is also required.
  • All fees and timetables relating to the process of verifying your identity in order to avoid any delays or unexpected costs.

Obtaining your Notarization Certificate is a simple process. Book an appointment with your Notary Public and be sure to bring official forms of photographic and non-photographic identification.