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What happens after my documents have been notarized?

What happens to your documents once they have been notarized depends on the country to which they are being sent.

Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong

No further steps are required and your documents are returned directly.

Member countries of the Hague Apostille Convention

If your documents are being returned to a member country of The Hague Apostille Convention then the affixation of an Apostille stamp is required. This serves to validate the authenticity of your Notary Public’s signature and seal. You can view a full list of member countries here.

Other non-member countries

For other, non-member countries such as The People’s Republic of China and The United Arab Emirates, the Notary Public’s signature and seal must be authenticated by DFAT. It may also be necessary that the documents are sent to the consulate of the relevant country before they are returned.

The length of time that all above processes takes will vary depending on the country to which your documents are being sent. For guidelines on this we recommend you ask your lawyer in the relevant country who will be familiar with the timeframes.

If further steps are required after the notarization, DFAT Office in Sydney can process authentications and apostilles. For the latest information on costs and identification requirements, click here.

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