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What is an Apostille?

The embassy or organization to which your documents are to be sent may also request an Apostille. This is simply a certificate that states that your Notary Public has been registered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

You will need to provide this if the country to which your documentation is to be sent is registered under The Hague Apostille Convention. This is a body of 92 countries who have agreed that documentation sent between countries does not need to be verified by the consulate or embassy. Instead, the signature and seal of every registered Notary Public are recognized by a legal body within each country (in Australia this is the DFAT), thus saving time and expensive administrations fees.  For a full list of member countries, click here.

If you have been asked to provide an Apostille, you can apply directly to DFAT yourself. However, if required, we are also able to obtain an Apostille for you, as this often works out to be quicker and less stressful.

If you are sending documents to a country which is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, you will need to have your documents authenticated.